“It is a moral responsibility of every individual to work and make a difference to the society, state and nation. I had two options, sit on the shores, crib about the situation and die unsatisfied or to fold sleeves, get into the dirt, work to make a difference and get a peaceful sleep. I might suffer but the coming generations must have a prosperous future. I choose the second option………………”

This was the thought with which the Chairman of Deo Mangal Memorial Trust Sri Gopal Narayan Singh decided to constitute a trust in profound memory of his parents Lt. Deo Narayan Singh and Lt. Mangla Devi with the prime objectives of betterment of Healthcare, Education and other Social sectors of Bihar & Jharkhand in particular and nation on the whole.

Bihar has always been an attraction for the world for its educational advancements. The legendary institutions like Nalanda & Vikramshila had helped our country to attain the status of “Vishwaguru”. Scholars from across the world flocked India in search of knowledge. But over the years, foreign invasions targeted centers of knowledge across India and Bihar was no exception. All the centers of knowledge were destroyed and gradually quality of education went down dramatically and illiteracy grew.

Unfortunately, even after independence not much attention was given to Healthcare, Education and other social sectors. Whatever resources were allocated proved grossly inadequate. This is where we want to bring change in whatever little way we can.